The wearing of the school’s agreed uniform is seen as a clear statement of commitment to school by children and their parents / carers. Our uniform aims to ensure comfort and safety while children carry out normal activities of the school day.

Uniform requested is:

Red sweatshirt. A sweatshirt carrying the school logo is available from the school office.

A red cardigan can be worn as an alternative to the sweatshirt.

White shirt – standard or polo style.

Black or grey tailored trousers – boys and girls.

Black or grey skirts – an appropriate length to participate in all normal school activities.

Red and white check dress for summer wear if preferred.

Shoes should be flat, black or at least dark in colour. Closed sandals are appropriate for summer wear.

PE Kit – this should be in line with the PE Policy statement as follows:

PE Kit

All children should have appropriate clothing to change into for PE lessons. This should be in school on all school days as the timetable for PE may vary according to hall availability, and other changes to the school day. PE Kit should consist of the following:

T Shirt (preferably red)

Shorts (preferably black)

Plimsolls/trainers, as appropriate but there should always be a change of shoes for PE activities.

Tracksuit/sweatshirt to be worn during outdoor activities in colder weather.

Note – Watches need to be removed for PE. Earrings need to be removed or covered for PE lessons (children need to provide own tape).

Other aspects of appearance and presentation in school


Please can long hair, including braids, be tied back. We request that there are no ‘extreme’ hairstyles eg tram lines, mohicans, bleached stripes. Hair gel, dye and razor cuts are aspects of fashion and whilst we accept that children may wish to follow fashion in their own social lives, a primary school is not the place for this.


One pair of stud earrings is acceptable for girls and boys. If they are worn they will need to be removed or taped for PE activities. This is a safety measure and for this reason only cannot be negotiated. Children should be able to remove them or tape the earrings themselves.



Our new school uniform is now available to order from Schoolwear For Less.  

Please click here to visit their website where you can order directly and see the wonderful selection of items.

Alternatively, please download an order form (below or get a hardcopy from the office) and post the form direct to Schoolwear For Less.