Year 3

Year 3 class is taught by Mr Ben Boisseau.

        Teaching and learning is supported by Mrs T Ould, Mrs Alison Osborne and Miss Emma Latus.

Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns.


 Autumn 2- Rumbling Romans


Our curriculum theme for this term is based on our study of Ancient Rome, combined with exploring Volcanoes and other natural disasters. This is the second of three historical topics taught in chronological order: Greeks, Romans and Vikings. We will be basing our topic around the book

‘Romans on the Rampage’ by Jeremy Strong. 


Our literacy sessions we will begin by immersing children into Roman life. We will be reading the picture book Escape from Pompeii to inspire children to write a diary entry from a characters perspective. We then focus on writing informal letters from one character to a family member describing the volcano erupting. 


In maths we start the term finishing our unit of addition and subtraction before focusing on multiplication and division. We will be learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables as well as consolidating the children's prior knowledge of 2, 5 and 10s. 


Our science topic this term is plants. The Romans were great farmers, and we explore their practice of growing crops. Children will focus on identifying part of a plant and how they grow. 


Times table practice – 

In year 4 children now sit an online times table test, to help prepare them for this, we will be learning and practicing our 3,4 and 8 times tables. This is in addition to the 2,5 and 10 times tables they will have learnt in year 2. To help them with this, we will be using a site called Times Table Rockstars (TTRS).


Khan Academy - 

Whilst TTRS is great to help your child at home with their multiplication and division, many children struggle with the other aspects of maths. I recommend and use a free site called Khan Academy which uses video coaching and interactive quizzes to help children (and parents too!) through every aspect of mathematics. 


Spellings – 

Spellings will be tested every Friday, please see the termly overview for details


PE – 

Physical Education is taught twice a week, please ensure you child has their kit with them at all times please.