Lanner School key Governor Issues


Summary of Areas Addressed by the Governing Body

In 2015 – 2016 and Key Issues for 2016 - 2017


The school has continued to present significant issues for the governors to address in their efforts to make the school the best possible place for the children and the staff. Firstly, I think that I need to introduce myself as many of you will not know me.  I joined the governing body last year when my granddaughter started school in our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) setting which gave her a great start to her school career.   She is now in Year 1.  The school was short of governors and, being a retired Head teacher, I volunteered!  Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Mr Stephen Roberts our previous Chairman had to resign.  He will be greatly missed by us all as he worked very hard to ensure that the school was run efficiently and effectively.  I was elected to take his place in our September meeting.

One of the biggest challenges for the governors this year will be the introduction of the Government’s drive to make all schools work closer together by forming Multi Academy Trusts (MATs as they are known). The school is already an active member of the Redruth Learning Group Trust which is working together to benefit the children of the area.   Very careful plans will need to be made before the school can commit to joining, or help in the creation of, a new MAT.   Any changes made must be of benefit to all of our children and staff.

The school could also face another visit from Ofsted in this academic year. The school has made great progress since the last inspection and the areas that were cited for improvement are being addressed.

Finance continues to be a problem for the school. Budget reductions meant that redundancies in support staff hours were needed in the last academic year.  This, along with other savings, enabled the school to complete the year with a small surplus.  We will continue to ensure that the budget available will be used to the best effect to raise academic standards and to ensure the well- being of everyone involved in our school. 

The Governing Body continues to develop the very important role of overseeing the delivery of health and safety, the curriculum and building development. During the summer holidays new offices and a new staffroom were created. The Head teacher has a much more suitable place for an office where she can work much more efficiently and confidential meetings can be held much more securely.  The staff now has a dedicated room for breaks and separate working and storage areas. The office space has also been improved.  The school is focussing on the Outdoors this year and we were very pleased to hear that the Early Years Foundation Stage won £2 000 over the summer holidays to develop their outdoor areas.   Hopefully this will enhance the school environment for all of our children.  Thank you to all of you that voted!

The school cannot run successfully unless we all work together. The staff and governors want to make our school an outstanding one. If you are interested in helping us achieve this goal please contact a member of staff in the office who will be able to direct you to the appropriate person. 

Improvements in 2015 – 16

  • Phonics – improved approach – outcome was significant improvement in Y1 screening

  • New National Curriculum – achieving the required higher teaching expectations in all year groups

  • Development of subject leader roles across the school

  • Policy update to reflect the changes in the curriculum

  • Introduction of the ‘Mastery’ approach in Maths and English

  • Development of a meaningful approach for school assessment/ pupil tracking following the removal of levels

  • Continued work with the Redruth Learning Group Trust – Awards Evening, school leaders residential conference, sporting events, subject leader meetings and moderation meetings














Lanner School Governors

2016 – 2017

The governing body of Lanner school has 15 members:



Chair of Governors

Mathematics/ Foreign Language

H&S/ Trust Governor

Roger Bunt

Vice Chair Of Governors

SEND /Children in Care/Gifted & Talented

Hannah Martin

Healthy Schools/ H&S


Debra Luscombe



Teresa Marshall



Anna Richards


Tanya Curnow




Jenny Lockwood



Sarah Gilbert

Art/ Design Technology


Sandy Steward

Music/ SRE (Sex & Relationships Education)


Tamsin Watson

PSHE/ Citizenship/ P.E.

Daniel Brant


Science / Whistleblowing Governor


Laura Mc Teare



Standards/ Achievement/ Curriculum

Chair: Roger Bunt

Tamsin Pulley, Sandy Steward, Laura Mc Teare, Tanya Curnow (MH)


Finance/ Resources

(Premises and Health & Safety)

Chair: Anna Richards,

 Jenny Lockwood, Debra Luscombe Roger Bunt,

Daniel Brant (MH)



Chair: Hannah Martin

Sandy Steward, Tamsin Pulley, Roger Bunt

Debra Luscombe (MH)



(Disciplinary &

Teacher Appraisal)

Chair: Roger Bunt

Sandy Steward, Jenny Lockwood, Hannah Martin, Sarah Gilbert (Advisory - Tamsin Pulley, MH)


Chair: Hannah Martin

Anna Richards, Debra Luscombe, Teresa Marshall, Craig Martin



5 parent Governors

Debra Luscombe


Sarah Gilbert


Teresa Marshall


Tamsin Watson


Daniel Brant



2 Staff Governors

Melanie Haddy


Tamsin Pulley



2 LA Governors

Anna Richards


Tanya Curnow



3 Foundation Governors

Roger Bunt


Hannah Martin


Jenny Lockwood



3 Co-opted Governors

Sandy Steward


Laura Mc Teare


Craig Martin (Associate Governor)



The full governors’ meetings are held twice every term. The Committees meet on a termly basis with additional meetings held if necessary.

Review of the School Development Plan

Each year the governors are involved in the process of creating and reviewing this plan. The key issues focus upon school improvement and close regard is kept to the areas highlighted in the last Ofsted inspection (March 2014) to make the school even better:

Lift teaching and achievement from good to outstanding by: ensuring that all teachers are using the marking system consistently well so that pupils know how to improve their work in all subjects. Using the newly trained middle leaders to contribute more fully to improving the quality of teaching and pupil progress in their areas. Ensuring that all teachers have the same high expectations of how the pupils present their work.     

Mrs Haddy, with the Senior Management Team, continues to focus on these areas to achieve consistently high standards across the school.