Primary Sports Premium

Primary Sports Premium

 The Government is continuing to support primary schools through the Primary Sports Premium Funding.


Currently schools receive £8,000 + £5.00 per pupil.


Schools can choose how they use the funding, for example to:

  • Hire specialist PE instructors or qualified sports coaches to work with primary staff during PE lessons.

  • Support and involve the least active children by running after school sports clubs and holiday clubs e.g. Change4life Clubs.

  • Run sports competitions or increase pupils’ participation in interschool games and competitions.

  • Run or take part in activities with other school.


 Lanner School Grant for 2016 – 17 is £8,951

Lanner School will be providing the following activities, Summer term 2016, Autumn Term 2016 and Spring term 2017.


Acorn Multi Sports - £6,084

  • Quality PE provision for a range of classes, including training and development for Teaching Assistant staff.

  • After school sports clubs, KS1 and KS2 (2 for KS2 in the Summer term) which will focus on a different sport each term. These clubs offer a wide variety of activities to pupils, which will hopefully inspire them to make sport a normal part of their healthy lives.


Go Active - £1,300

  • Football club

  • Netball club (these are subsidized for parents, Sports Grant meeting half the cost)


Sports and Health Week - £1,367

This annual event will be held in the Spring Term 2017 and will involve all age groups and members of staff along with specialist sporting coaches. This is designed to encourage an interest in all kinds of new physical activities for the children and provide teaching ideas for staff for throughout the year. It also provides a clear message to all pupils about the importance of fitness in staying healthy.


Fun Fit – funded from budget

We are all aware of the importance fine and gross motor skills for the development of a whole range of skills including literacy. For this reason we run Fun Fit club in school when pupils demonstrate a need. Fun Fit is a joint Education and Health initiative aimed at children who may be experiencing difficulties with aspects of movement and co-ordination. The club runs 3 mornings a week from 8.30 – 9.00.


The Impact and Future Sustainability

We have seen an improvement in children’s physical skills, both gross and fine, through the provision of Fun Fit, Acorn Sports and Go Active.


We have seen our pupils enter a wider range of sporting competitions, festivals and tournaments with our local cluster of schools with increasing success.


The improved skills and abilities are being utilized by all the school, as was seen in our Sports Day, where a return to a more competitive approach was well received by all.


The Sports coaches have provided professional guidance/ input for staff as needed to improve PE teaching delivery.


Club Attendance




Summer 2016

Autumn 2016

Spring 2017

Football Club




Multi Sports/ Netball Club




KS1 Multi Sports club




KS2 Multi Sports/ Hockey club




KS2 Cricket Club




KS1 Skipping Club





Festivals/ tournaments attended 2016 – 17


Festival/ Tournament



Swimming Gala

Redruth School

11th November 2015


Redruth School

25th November 2015

Five A Side

Redruth School

9th April 2016

Tag Rugby

Redruth School

4th May 2016

Quad Kids

Carn Brea Leisure Centre

20th May 2016

Top up swimming

Redruth School

Summer Term 2016