Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium


The pupil premium grant (PPG) is funding given to schools so that support can be provided to particular groups of pupils who are known to be at risk of underachievement. It aims to close the gap in attainment and progress between them an their peers.


The PPG is allocated to schools for pupils that are known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FMS) or who have been eligible in the past 6 years. The funding provided for 2016 – 17 is £1,320 per primary pupil. Schools with Looked After Children (LAC) or those who have been adopted from care receive £1,900 per pupil, which is paid termly.


The PPG is also paid for children whose parents serve in the armed forces. The grant is known as the Ever5 Service Child premium and is allocated at £300 per pupil.


The number of pupils on roll at Lanner is currently 214, (234 including our Nursery aged pupils)


Currently 23% of our pupils attract the Pupil Premium funding.


Financial Year 2015 - 16

For the financial year 2015 – 16 the final PPG allocation was £81,822


Pupil Premium Expenditure 2015 -16


Initial funding – £73,800

Initial Budget use of the fund:


SEND interventions via Teaching Assistants


Visiting Curriculum


Funding of PE specialist cover for PPA





3,400 remaining unallocated to provide for individual PP pupil needs – class visits/ equipment/ Breakfast & After School Club.


Final Situation

Additional funding received – 6,300


Due to a drop in costs by changing PE provider 5,000 will not be needed to cover this cost only 2,500 will need to be moved.

Actual amount in PP budget line 3,400 + 5,000 = 8,400 + additional 6,300 = 14,700, as can be seen on the monthly monitoring report.


Expenditure that has taken place that will be funded from the PP line total:


IRIS CDP system


Nexus – Teaching equipment/ funfit/ maths and literacy


Individual PP pupil Class visits/ educational activities/ clubs



Film Premier evening


Breakfast & After School Club


PE top up for PPA cover







£2,000 will remain in the PP budget line to fund further individual PP activities to the end of the spring term.


Remaining 4669.25 will be allocated to the TA and Teacher line to go towards covering further expenditure for pupil progress improvement:


Additional teaching provision ‘booster’ for Y5 & Y6 0.1 fte per week – 10 weeks

Ks1 additional TA support 3x mornings per week – EAL / Phonics support

Additional TA time to support provision of quality golden time and facilitate teacher CPD time


Impact 2015 - 16


SATs Results 2016



Reading PP

Reading Non PP

Maths PP

Maths Non PP

Writing PP

Writing Non PP

KS1 Achieving expected or above








KS1 Progress measure







KS2 Achieving expected or above







KS2 Progress measure








We are continually monitoring the quality of teaching and teaching assistant support in order to close the gap between the Pupil Premium children and those who do not receive PPG. We regularly review interventions to provide more specific support across the school. Teaching Assistants have all taken part in a range of training in order to provide more focused support to pupils. Current training has included ‘attachment disorder’ and ‘positive behaviour management’ for SEMH development. CPD of Teaching Assistants is regularly reviewed and developed via our annual appraisal policy and as part of our fortnightly meeting schedule.


Attendance has continued to remain steady over the course of 2015 – 16 with a percentage of 95.1% being maintained by the end of the summer term 2016.

Financial Year 2016 - 17

For the financial year 2016 – 17 the PPG allocation is £77,560

Main Barriers to achievement

  • Lanner is a rural village in the heart of the post industrial mining area of Redruth. Deprivation is a major factor, the school falling into the 30 – 40% most deprived LSOA in Cornwall.

  • Low levels of self-esteem, aspiration, resilience and positive learning behaviours are some of the barriers caused by the affects on our families of unemployment, seasonal employment or zero hours contracts.

  • A high rate of young parents is also common in our locality.



Intended Spend

  • The PPG will be used to provide for additional financial support for families for resources, visits and activities.

  • A full time Learning Mentor is employed to support pupils with their Social Emotional, Mental Health, so they are better able to access their learning with resilience, self-reliance and improved esteem. The support for this positive behaviour for learning.

  • The provision of additional Teaching Assistant support, effective in each year group, providing bespoke SEND support for small groups and individual pupils, focusing on the core skills


Individual Pupil Support/ resources


Learning Mentor - SEMH


Teaching Assistants – SEND support and Core literacy/ numeracy catch-up




Remaining Budget for Y5/ Y6 SATs booster/ out sourced individual interventions




Measuring the Impact


We will measure the impact via our school’s progress measures and pupil tracking results for our PP pupils. Our use of PPG will be reviewed at the end of the spring term 2017 when setting our next financial year’s budget.