Year 4

Year 4 is taught by Mrs Walters. Our teaching assistants are Miss May. Mrs Osborn, Mrs Pascoe and Mrs Kalber also work 1:1 with children in the class.

This term, our theme is ‘From Stone age to Iron age. We’ll be writing explanations of how Stonehenge and The Merry Maidens stone circles were built. We’ll also write our own legend based on the tale of the Merry Maidens.


We continue to focus on grammar, punctuation and spelling. Spellings will be sent home each Friday to be practised at home and will be assessed the following Friday.

The children will also be given the exciting opportunity to enter the 500 words story writing competition on Radio 2.


SCIENCE: States of matter

PSHE: is taught every Wednesday by Mrs Pascoe.

ART: Study of Kurt Jackson

MUSIC: Learning to play brass instruments and, for choir, Songfest

HISTORY: The Stoneage and Iron age

RE: learning about the Bible, Old testament, beliefs, values and experience. Key features of Jesus’ life and Easter (RE day)

OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM: A trip to The Merry Maidens and Iron age village Carn Euny

How you can help

Read at home regularly with your child

Spellings are sent each Friday and assessed the following Friday

’99 club’ mental maths practise is sent each Friday, matched to your child’s ability, to be assessed the following Friday.

Activelearn online maths games are set each week.

Thank you for your support- it really makes a difference!

Dates for your diary

Merry Maidens/Carn Euny trip (TBC) Friday 9th February

RLG dance performances (1:30 and 6:30) Thursday 1st March