Year 5


The Y5 class is taught by Mrs Tracey Radley and supported by Mrs Zoe Kalber (Monday, Tuesday (am), Wednesday (am))

Spring Term 1 2018

Our topic for this Term is Anglo Saxons.


We will be writing our own Battle Cry to inspire our tribe to defeat the evil Tyrannoflax.  We will be using lots of persuasive language and emotive vocabulary to help us.  When we have written our Battle Cry, we will film our speeches in character.


The Catholic Emancipation.



Multiply and divide whole numbers using knowledge of tables.

Multiply larger numbers using standard method of multiplication

Divide using the ‘bus stop’ method of division

Multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000

Investigate factors, including common factors

Investigate prime numbers, square and cubed numbers


Measure and calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes

Estimate and calculate the area of regular an irregular shapes


Using mathematical thinking to solve problems linked to Harry Potter and Christmas


Children will have two  PE sessions each week - one indoors and one

outdoors - on Monday and Friday.  They will also have a shorter yoga session usually on a Thursday.


In year 5, children are still expected to read LOTS! All children should read at home 5 times a week preferably with an adult. This could be their school reading book, listening to a story read by someone else or sharing a favourite book. All are equally valuable. Reading should be recorded in the reading record book with any relevant comments/observations.