Year 6


Year 6 class is taught by Mrs C Merrifield - Monday - Wednesday and Mrs C Dinham on Thursdays and Fridays.

TA's - Vanessa O'Shea and Mrs Jo Leaver 



Our texts this term are  ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo and Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. 

We will be writing alternative endings for Kensuke’s Kingdom, writing non-chronological reports and exploring character and settings.


‘Inheritance and Adaptation’

Pupils should find out more about how living things on earth have changed over time. They should be introduced to the idea that characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring, for instance by considering different breeds of dogs, and what happens when, for example, labradors are crossed with poodles. They should also appreciate that variation in offspring over time can make animals more or less able to survive in particular environments, for example, by exploring how giraffes’ necks got longer, or the development of insulating fur on the arctic fox. Pupils might find out about the work of palaeontologists 


The children will be using logical reasoning to explain and follow simple algorithms.


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Music this term will be taught by Mrs Brown. 

Learning to sing in a legato style
Singing with attention to phrasing & dynamics
Identifying different rhythm patterns
Composing using given rhythms on un-tuned percussion
Creating a song using the pentatonic scale


 Math Clip Art

This term we will be learning about geometry, focusing on shape and space including coordinates  and angles. 

After the SATS, we will be working on mathematical investigations linked to topic work.


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Inspired by pop art, the children will produce self portraits on various backgrounds. These will be produced using IT software and by hand (poster paints ).


Children will be reviewing their earlier learning in French, covering greetings, food, families and number. 



Image result for free clip art Religious Education 

Introduction to Hinduism.

Hindu festivals and celebrations.


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This term the children will be taught tennis skills as well as rounding and fielding skills including playing games such as rounders.

We will also be taking part in athletics activities such as running, hurdles, throwing and jumping. 


Our focus for this term is ‘Changes’ as we move towards the change from primary to secondary school.


The children will be exploring and investigating boats and which materials float best.  They will be designing and making their own boat.


The children  will be taught Spanish by a teacher from Redruth School.


Practise makes Perfect

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Have fun!!



Yr 6 - Home Learning
For our main home learning in Year 6, we use SATs revision books for Grammar and Maths.  Everyone works on the grammar book, which follows on from our work in class.  For maths, the class is split into two groups: standard and advanced.  Again, the homework set for maths is based on our learning in class.  This homework is set each Tuesday to be returned the following Tuesday so that it can be marked together to address any misconceptions.

In addition, the children are expected to learn their multiplication tables and these are tested weekly.  To support this, we also run the 99 club which is a mental maths activity.  Sheets are sent home on a Friday and the children’s learning is tested each Friday.  Their achievements are recorded on the class chart.  Children progress at their own pace.

Spellings are also sent home for learning every Friday.  They are tested the following week.

Reading at home is also expected.  We would like children to read at home for at least 10 – 15 minutes most days.  Although many children are independent readers and often prefer to read to themselves at this age, we appreciate parental support with this whenever possible.

If you have any questions concerning your child’s home learning, please do not hesitate to contact us.