Key Priorities

Lanner Primary & Nursery School

SDP 2019-2021



Priority 1 – To further develop the consistency of quality first teaching so that provision is effectively targeted at individuals to make accelerated progress.



Priority 2 – Ensure that children with special educational needs receive a robust and tailored provision thus achieving the highest possible levels of progress.



Priority 3 – Embed a vocabulary rich learning culture to enable children to access a wide and varied curriculum.










Lanner Primary and Nursery SDP 2018/19





Link Governance


Ensure teaching and learning is consistently good or better across the school ensuring children receive a high quality provision

Kieran Walsh

Barbara Maguire


 Develop an exciting and engaging curriculum making close links with writing ensuring children experience real life learning opportunities and have purpose for writing.

Anna Pooley

Tamsin Pulley 

Teresa Marshall


Improve reading outcomes for children in all areas of the school (including phonics)

Kate Leah

Sarah Gilbert


Develop a whole school maths mastery approach incorporating the three curriculum aims of fluency, problem solving and reasoning

 Claire Merrifield

Sarah Brough