Year 1






Here are the Fiction and Non-fiction books for this half term that Year 1 will be using to help inspire our curriculum and learning.


Our topic for the 2nd half of summer term is 'Quest'. The book we will be using to enhance our writing is called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ written by David Armitage. It is a wonderful book with lots of rich and new vocabulary. We will be using the story to change the setting and retell the story in a new location. I wonder where the lunches will be going! In addition to this we will be doing different reading based activities and a variety of other, exciting writing opportunities.


Our non-fiction book is called ‘How does a lighthouse work?’ by Roman Belyaev. We will be exploring lots of new information and create a piece of writing based around this book and lots of Geography links!


In our art sessions we will be looking at an artist called Alfred Wallis. Alfred is a local artist based in St.Ives. We will be creating landscape/seascape pictures inspired by his work and our book. We will then use our art work to enhance our non-fiction pieces of work about Lighthouses.

In Science we will continue to explore seasonal changes and build on our knowledge about plants. We will also explore when a lighthouse would be most useful, using our observations and ideas.


Moving back on to Geography, we will be looking at the seaside, coastal features and also look at coastal villages. Living so close to a number of different seaside’s we are fortunate to compare and contrast different ones we know.


During our R.E. sessions we will be learning about how we should care for other and for the world. We will then go on to explore why it matters. This area of learning will allow a lot of discussion and debates to expand our knowledge further.


P.E. days continues to be on Monday’s and Friday’s, although this can sometimes change, so please ensure you are signed up to class dojo as any changes will be announced on here.


In Music we are learning to recognise pulse and rhythm with ‘‘Reflect, rewind, replay’. This will be a great topic to finish one and conclude our learning in year 1.


We change the children's books on a Monday and a Thursday. Please ensure your child brings their books in on these day and you are reading as much as possible at home, including books of your own. Don't forget about our reading challenges and badges to collect!



Please read with your child every day, even if it is the same book.

Spellings – please practice the year 1 common exception word spellings whenever possible, a few at a time. These need to be learnt by the end of year 1.

Mental maths – use times in the car and any spare 5 minutes to practice mental maths with your child. This could be adding, subtraction, more than or less than etc.

Home learning grids - These are fun and creative activities that you can share with your children and follow the theme of our class topic.