Year 1

Year 1 is taught by Mrs Claire Atkin and Mrs Caroline Dinham and is supported by TA Zoe Kalber

 Summer Term Year 1

 Welcome to the Summer Term! 

Our topic for the first half term is 'farming' and we will be learning the traditional tale, ‘The Three Little Pigs’, as well as writing farm riddles.

In history, we will explore ‘Farming now and then’, looking at how farming has changed throughout the ages and in Science our topics are ‘Materials’ (linked to The Three Little Pigs story) and ‘Animals Including Humans’.

 During our R.E. sessions for the whole term, the children will be learning about what it means to be a part of a Hindu family.  We will also be exploring the question: ‘How do the Churches of Cornwall try to be like the “Good Samaritan?”. 

 For our final half term our topic is ‘By the Seaside’.  We will be using the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch’ and finding out facts about sea creatures for our non-fiction work.  We will also be reading the ‘Sally and the Limpet’ story and using this in our Geography sessions where we will be asking the question ‘Why do you enjoy being by the sea so much?’  We will be teaching the children to understand some key physical and human geographical features of the seaside.  In our art sessions, we will be looking at the work of John Dyer and Seurat and painting pictures in their style.

In both Science and Geography we will continue learning about seasonal changes and different types of weather.  

 P.E. days continue to be on Monday’s and Friday’s, although this can sometimes change, so please make sure that your child has their full kit in school every day.

 Reading Roundabout is on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm – 1.30pm and on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s at 2.30-3.00pm.  We really do need more help to make it successful, so please let me know if you are able to come in.  Books will be changed every day as necessary, so please ensure that your child has their book bag with them every day.


-      Please read with your child every day.

-      Spellings – please practice the year 1 common exception word spellings whenever possible, a few at a time.  These need to be learnt by the end of year 1.

-      Mental maths – use times in the car and any spar 5 minutes to practice mental maths with your child.

-      Homework grids - These are fun and creative activities that you can share with your children and follow the theme of our class topic. 

 Finally, our class assembly for this term will be at 2.30pm on Thursday 6th June 2019 and I look forward to seeing you there if you are able to come.

With thanks for your support