Year 1


Year 1 

Class Teacher  - Miss Kenchington

Class TA's and support  - Mrs O, Miss May, Miss Medlin, Mrs O'Shea.




In Autumn 1, Year 1 will be exploring the topic Superheroes through a fiction and non-fiction book.

Our fiction book is Supertato by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. 

Our Non-fiction book is Amelia Earhart by Isabel Sanchez. 

We will using these two books throughout our curriculum. In our English lessons we will be will be creating character profiles, role playing stories, sequencing, writing stories and so much more! 

In maths we will be exploring place value within 10, introducing addition and subtraction within 10, exploring shape and then move on to place value within 20. Throughout these areas of learning we will be using a variety of resources and making it practical where possible. 

Our PE lessons will be on a Monday and a Friday. Throughout these lessons we will be understand why exercise is important and how we prepare our bodies for exercise. We will also be exploring balancing and different ways we can move by co-ordinating our bodies. 

History will be a main focus for us this term where we will be using our non-fiction text book in order to deepen our understanding of lives of significant individuals in the past. We will also begin to understand how to find and answer questions about people of the past by using different resources to help us. 

During our Science lessons we will be exploring different materials, including sorting, grouping and comparing similarities and differences. 

In our Art lessons we will be observing, painting and creating our own superhero. We will draw a superhero using a step-by-step guide, paint the drawing using our colour of choice and then create a background so our superheroes will stand out!

In RE we will begin to explore and understand what Christians believe about who made the world and the creation story. 

Our PSHE lessons will be a lot discussion based activities where we will talk and understand feelings, learn to communicate our feelings and also recognise people important to us. In addition to this we will use Gooseberry planet to help us understand how to stay safe online.



Please ensure your child has a water bottle everyday which is labelled with their name, clearly. 

Children will need to change their own books daily or when they have finished their books.

We will have a reading challenge which will be used to encourage children reading at home and promote a love for reading too. 

Please check class dojo for any new posts to inform you of changes to the week or any new messages.

We love reading at Lanner!  Reading to, and with, your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give as this early acquisition of a love for reading will ensure your children becomes a reader for life.  Research shows that reading and talking to your child about stories, information books and poems from an early age benefits them for life. 

Sometimes, knowing which book to choose can be a little confusing with such a wide range available, so why not have a look at the recommended reads below for Year 1 children.  Many of these books are also available at the local library so, if you're not already a member, why not take a look at the link below to join up?