Year 1


Year 1 

Class Teacher  - Miss Kenchington

Class TA's and support  - Mrs O, Miss May, Mrs O'Shea and Miss Curtis








Here are the Fiction and Non-fiction books for this half term that Year 1 will be using to help inspire our curriculum and learning.


Our topic for the 1st half of summer term is 'Fantasy'.


The book we will be using to enhance our writing is called ‘There’s a Tiger in the garden’ written by Lizzy Stewart. If this does not get the imagination juices flowing, I don’t know what will! It is a wonderful story and one of my favourites. We will be using the story by changing a character and retelling the ending in different way by using our own wonderful imagination. In addition to this we will be doing different reading based activities and a variety of other, exciting writing opportunities.

Other books by Lizzie Stewart include: 



Our non-fiction book is all about plants.  We will be using this book to explore a variety of different plants and writing a persuasive letter on saving plants.


Here are some other books to explore based upon plants…



In Science we will be exploring two different areas. The first area of learning will look into whether all animals eat the same things. For the second part we will look at different plants in our school grounds and what they all have in common.


For our history this half term we will be looking into Cornish festivals and celebrations. Each week we will explore a new Cornish festival and understand why and how they are celebrated.


In our art sessions we will be looking at an artist called Henri Rousseau to help us explore observational drawings. From this we will create our own drawings and use water colours to enhance the image.

During our R.E. sessions we will be learning about Judaism. We will look into different aspects of their beliefs, how they live and what is important to their culture, including traditions and festivals.


P.E. days continues to be on Monday’s and Friday’s, although this can sometimes change, so please ensure you are signed up to class dojo as any changes will be announced on here.


In Music we are learning to recognise pulse and rhythm with ‘your imagination’ which links in fantastically with our topic this term.




Please read with your child every day, even if it is the same book.

Spellings – please practice the year 1 common exception word spellings whenever possible, a few at a time. These need to be learnt by the end of year 1.

Mental maths – use times in the car and any spare 5 minutes to practice mental maths with your child. This could be adding, subtraction, more than or less than etc.


Home learning grids - These are fun and creative activities that you can share with your children and follow the theme of our class topic.




 Children will be given a learning grid at the start of the half term which include different activities related to our topic. They will also be given spellings weekly which are linked to the Year 1 common exception words.

Children will need to change their own books daily or when they have finished their books.

We will have a reading challenge which will be used to encourage children reading at home and promote a love for reading too. Please refer to dojo for further details.

Please ensure your child has a water bottle everyday which is labelled with their name, clearly. 

Please check class dojo for any new posts to inform you of changes to the week or any new messages.


We love reading at Lanner!  Reading to, and with, your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give as this early acquisition of a love for reading will ensure your children becomes a reader for life.  Research shows that reading and talking to your child about stories, information books and poems from an early age benefits them for life. 

Sometimes, knowing which book to choose can be a little confusing with such a wide range available, so why not have a look at the recommended reads below for Year 1 children.  Many of these books are also available at the local library so, if you're not already a member, why not take a look at the link below to join up?