Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2!
Class Teacher - Miss Kate Leah                  Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Zoe Kalber

 Fire! Fire!

Year 2 – Spring Term 2nd Half


This half term our focus will be on the Great Fire of London. Below is a brief account of what we shall be covering and some important information for the rest of the term.



We will begin by creating our own fire poems, based upon ‘The Great Fire of London’ by Paul Perro. We will then create our own diary entries and write a set of instructions of how to bake bread.

Attached are the common exception words for Year 1 and 2. In order to be at the expected level at the end of the year, the children need to be spelling these words independently in their writing, so please keep practising these regularly at home.

A spelling sheet went home at the end of last half term but if you need another one, please just ask. The children are tested every Friday.



We will continue with shape at the beginning of this half term, before moving onto fractions. We will learn to recgonise a half, quarter and a third before finding three quarters and counting fractions.  We will then finish the term by looking at measurement of length and height.

The children really enjoy the challenge of 99 Club and trying to better their score each week. Please continue to keep up the practice at home as being able to compete mental calculations quickly can really help children with many aspects of their math’s work. Any questions please ask.


We will design and make our own Tudor houses. Please can the children bring in two cardboard boxes (one small and one large, not cereal boxes, see photo for sizes) to make their house, the week beginning Monday 9th March. Thank you!



We will learn the sequence of events throughout the fire of London and put them into chronological order. We will undertake our own research to find out what happened and look at the diaries kept by Samuel Pepys.



Our scheduled PE sessions are on Mondays and Wednesdays but please can the children have their full PE kit kept on their peg all week.



We complete our work on Christianity this half term and look in detail about why Easter is so important to Christians.



We will focus on all different ways of keeping ourselves safe, whether that be on the internet, out on the roads or in the home. We will learn about the role of our emergency services and how to get help in different situations.



This year we are sending out mid-year reports. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the report with me then appointments can be made available.   


Attached are some homework tasks that you may want to complete with your child. Please send them in so they can be shared with the class.