Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2!
Class Teacher - Miss Kate Leah                  Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Zoe Kalber
The Nutcracker
Autumn Term - 2nd Half 


Our topic for this half of term is ‘The Nutcracker’. Here is some information about what we shall be covering.



We will look at the story of The Nutcracker in depth and then use it to invent our own story. We will make our own Nutcracker toys and write a set of instructions of how to make it. We will finish the half term by focusing on poetry.

A spelling sheet went home at the end of last half term. If you need another one, please ask. The children are tested every Friday so it’s really important for them to practice at home.



We will continue our work on addition and subtraction before moving onto money. Please can the children have as much experience as possible with you at home of handling coins, making totals and giving change, (including £20, £10,£5 notes and £2 and £1 coins as well as smaller coins. Thank you!


The children continue to enjoy the challenge of ’99 Club’, please keep up the practice at home. Any questions, please come and ask.



We will be looking at materials and their properties. We will learn why some materials are more suitable than others for specific uses and how some materials can be squashed, twisted or bent according to the need.



We will be looking at Toys (old and new) and making comparisons between them. If you or a grandparent would be willing to come into class and speak/show which toys you played with as a child, please come and speak to me and we will get a date booked in. We usually do History on a Thursday afternoon after lunch, however we can be flexible with this.



We are going to be making a wind-toy. If you have any wind-up toys at home to send in for us to look at that would be great. We also need some children’s shoeboxes if you have any that you can send in. We will need both items for the week commencing the 11th November.



We will continue our work on Christianity and understand why Christmas is so important to Christians.



We will concentrate on friendship and how we can be better friends to each other.