Year 4

This matrix shows the learning in Y4 across all subjects.

Autumn Term 1 

Year 4 is taught by Mrs Walters on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Dinham, our school SENDCo, teaches the class on a Monday. The TAs who work in Year 4 are Miss Edwards and Miss Latus.

This half term, we are reading ‘Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver and will be learning about how life in Britain changed between the Stone Age and the Iron Age.


Our class text, on which our daily reading sessions are based, is ‘Wolf Brother' by Michelle Paver. We begin each week by learning the definitions of new vocabulary coming up in the text and recap on these each day. We then read the text together and work on a range of tasks focussing on author choice, vocabulary, compare, contrast and comment, retrieval, inference, summary and prediction.

We also read a non fiction text weekly and work on our retrieval skills to write P.E (Point, evidence) paragraphs. This half term we are reading 'Burial Places' by John Malam.


 We will be writing a Stone Age narrative, focussing on setting description and building suspense. We will also read and write explanation texts and our end goal will be an explanation of how early humans survived the Stone Age. During Black History month, we’ll be reading poems from different cultures. We practise handwriting daily and incorporate practising spellings set within this session.


We will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction, area and multiplication and division. We practise our times tables every day, using quick recall booklets.


We’ll be learning about the teeth and digestive systems of animals, including humans.


We will be learning when the Stone Age was and what it was like. We then study the changes which happened during the Bronze Age and Iron Age.


We will be continuing to learn about internet safety and making an educational game on ‘Scratch’.


We’ll be studying the sculptor Emma Walker and using her work to help us make willow dragonfly sculptures. 


Each week, we will be enjoying 2 PE sessions: Nimble Nets (Tennis) on a Friday and  Cool core (Pilates)  on a Thursday. 


We will be asking- What is the ‘Trinity’ and why is it important to Christians?



We’ll be learning the French for introducing ourselves, naming animals and counting to 20.


We'll be listening to, learning and performing the music of Abba. Mamma Mia!


We will be learning about respect, problem solving and resourcefulness and leadership.

It is our aim that every child in Year 4 has a great year. Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Below are this term's knowledge organisers for this term's Science and History learning. They list the key knowledge and vocabulary taught during this topic. Please help your child by looking through them together.

Learning at home

It is expected that every child reads most days for at least 15 minutes. Please sign your child’s diary to confirm that they have read, even if they read independently. Thank you.

Spellings are set on Spelling Shed to practise and your child will also be given a paper copy each Friday. Please support your child in practising throughout the week, little and often. Spelling assessments happen each Friday with Mrs Walters, Miss Edwards or Miss Latus. Your child will write their score in their diary so you can see how they got on.


Times tables are set on Times Tables Rock Stars for your child to practise regularly. Again, the best way to really embed these key number facts is, little and often. It is essential that children are working on these often as there is a compulsory times tables assessment at the end of year 4.

Thank you for your support with home learning.

It is our aim that every child in Year 4 has a great year. Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns.


We love reading at Lanner!  Reading to, and with, your child is one of the greatest gifts you can give as this early acquisition of a love for reading will ensure your children becomes a reader for life.  Research shows that reading and talking to your child about stories, information books and poems from an early age benefits them for life. 

Sometimes, knowing which book to choose can be a little confusing with such a wide range available, so why not have a look at the recommended reads below for Year 4 children.  Many of these books are also available at the local library so, if you're not already a member, why not take a look at the link below to join up?