Year 5


The Y5 class is taught by Mrs Tamsin Pulley.  Teaching and Learning is supported by Miss Emma Latus and Mrs Jayne Pascoe.

Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns.


Autumn Term 2019  

Our topic for this term is 'What on Earth is it like in the Cosmos?'

To inspire our curriculum learning, we are reading the book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce.



  Using the book 'Cosmic' as our inspiration, we will explore how authors create settings and characters in their writing.  We will be using this information to write our own 'cosmic' themed stories.  In our non-fiction work we will be writing explanation texts and newspaper reports linked to events that have happened in space exploration.



This half term, we will be learning about place value, ordering and rounding of numbers up to 100,000.  Part of this will involve work on Roman Numerals.  We also be learning about mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction as well as work on graphs, charts and statistics.



This half term, we will be learning about the Earth and Space.  We will research and learn about other planets in the Solar System, the Moon and Stars.  We will be investigating how the Earth's rotation on its axis causes day and night. 



 In History, we are learning about space exploration across the ages from the earliest theories about the Sun, the planets and how the Solar System works to human space exploration in the 20th and 21st Centuries.


This term we are learning about the Bible and its importance to Christian people.  We are also exploring the idea of the Kingdom of God and how these ideas can be applied to life today.



Children will have two  PE sessions each week - please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every Tuesday and Wednesday.

This term, we will be learning skills for 'invasion' games such as netball and hockey.  

We will also be working on building our fitness levels with 'boot camp' activities, focusing on how these impact on our heart rate.



This term we will be exploring the artwork of Peter Thorpe, an artist who creates space-themed paintings in a semi-abstract style.  We are also learning about the art of famous abstract artists and trying out the techniques they used before combining a range of style and processes to create a finished piece of art.


In music we will be learning about the Planets Suite by Gustav Holst.  We will explore different instruments to create musical compositions linked to Holst's work.  We will be exploring the musical elements of tempo, dynamics and timbre.


The children will be learning about computer coding and how to control an object on the screen using the coding software 'Scratch'.  They will be creating their own 'Space Invaders' game.



During this half term, the children will be learning about the Characteristics of Effective Learning and how to be a resilient learner.  They will also be learning about cooperation, trust and building positive relationships.



 In year 5, children still need to read lots! All children are expected to read at home most nights for 15 - 20 minutes either to themselves or with an adult. This could be their school Accelerated Reader book, listening to a story read by someone else or sharing a favourite book. All are equally valuable. Talking about what they have read is also vital to help develop comprehension skills. This is particularly beneficial to the children when completing their Accelerated Reader quizzes.  All children have a reading record book in which parents, carers or the children themselves can record what they have read or make any comments.

All children have a homework book.  Homework will be set each Wednesday to be handed in the following Wednesday.  This will consist of maths linked to their learning in school that week as well as a list of spelling words.  Children are expected to learn their spellings as well as the meaning of each word.  Occasionally, there may be one other piece of topic-based homework.  Children can have help with their maths homework in class on Friday lunchtimes. 

In addition, children all have access to Times Tables Rockstars, an online site for practising their times tables.