Year 5


The Y5 class is taught by Mrs Tamsin Pulley and Mrs Caroline Dinham.  Teaching and learning is supported by Mrs Alison Osborne, Mrs Clare Goodwin and Mrs Vanessa O'Shea.

Please come and see us if you have any questions or concerns.


Summer Term 2019

Our topic for this Term is 'Exploration', focusing on learning about rainforests and the book 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell.   



  Using 'The Explorer' book as our inspiration, we will explore how authors create settings and characters in their writing.  We will be using this information to write our own exploration stories.  In our non-fiction work we will be writing discussion texts about the deforestation of the rainforests as well as persuasive tourist leaflets.  We will also be writing information texts about the Amazon River.



This half term, we will continue to learn about decimals, including decimals up to three decimal places.  Our other mathematical topics will be Geometry - properties of shapes; Geometry - position and direction; Measurement - volume and converting units.



This term we will be learning about Animals, including humans, exploring the changes from infant to old age.  We will also be learning about Living Things and their Habitats, exploring the differences in the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.  We will also be learning about the process of reproduction in some plants and animals.



  In Geography we will be learning will focus on exploring rainforests - where are they in the world as well as focusing more specifically on the Brazilian rainforest.  We will be exploring major rivers of the world, how they can change over time, and  the impact they have on the lives of people.  Our key focus will be on the River Amazon.   


This term we will start our learning about Islam with a visit from Daya.  We will then continue to learn about the Islamic religion and about family life for Muslim people.



Children will have two  PE sessions each week - please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every Wednesday and Friday.

This term, we will be learning skills linked to striking and fielding games as well as focusing on athletics later in the term.  

We will also be working on building our fitness levels with circuit training.



This term we will be exploring the artwork of Henri Rousseau, in particular his work on rainforests.


In music we will represent the sounds and atmosphere of rainforests, including rivers, using a range of instruments, exploring how the timbre of the instruments affects the quality of the music.  We will also be exploring how changes in tempo and duration affect the mood of the music created.


The children will be learning about computer coding and how to control an object on the screen using the coding software 'Scratch'.



During this half term, the children will be learning about health and nutrition.  Relationship and Sex Education is part of the PSHE curriculum and is also linked to our learning in Science.



This term the children will take part in a Spanish Day, learning about Spanish-speaking countries, art, food and drink as well as extending their Spanish vocabulary.   



 In year 5, children still need to read lots! All children are expected to read at home most nights for 15 - 20 minutes either to themselves or with an adult. This could be their school Accelerated Reader book, listening to a story read by someone else or sharing a favourite book. All are equally valuable. Talking about what they have read is also vital to help develop comprehension skills. This is particularly beneficial to the children when completing their Accelerated Reader quizzes.  All children have a reading record book in which parents, carers or the children themselves can record what they have read or make any comments.

All children have a mental maths homework book.  Homework from this book will be set each Friday to be handed in the following Friday.  Children can also have help with their maths homework in class on Tuesday lunchtimes. 

In addition, children all have access to Times Tables Rockstars, an online site for practising their times tables.