Year 5


The Y5 class is taught by Mrs Tamsin Pulley.  Teaching and Learning is supported by Miss Emma Latus and Mrs Jayne Pascoe.

Please come and see us if you have any questions.


SPRING TERM 2 2020  

Our topic for this term is 'Awesome Ancient Egyptians'.

To inspire our curriculum learning, we are reading 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll.


  Using the book 'Secrets of a Sun King' as our inspiration, we will explore narratives, how settings and characters are created, developed and portrayed in writing.  Alongside this, we will explore the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris and write our own. We will be also be using our research from non-fiction texts, both paper-based and online to write non-chronological reports about the Egyptians.  




This half term, our learning will continue to focus on Fractions, including calculating with fractions and finding fractions of amounts.  Further to this, we will be learning about decimals and percentages.



This half term, we will be extending our learning about gravity and explore the forces involved in air resistance, water resistance and friction.  We will also be learning about how forces attributed to levers, pulleys and gears can make historical and modern day actions easier to perform.



Linked to our reading and history, we will be exploring the country of Egypt, its place in the world, climate as well as human and physical features.



This term we are learning about the Jesus as a historical figure in the Gospels.  We will also be learning about the concept of salvation in relation to Jesus and the Easter Story in the Bible.



Children will have two PE sessions each week - please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every Tuesday and Wednesday.  If they wish, your child may bring leggings or jogging trousers to wear instead of shorts for outdoor PE.  This term we will be learning some of the skills involved in tennis as well as creating gymnastic sequences.



The children will be learning online safety through our new resource, 'Gooseberry Planet'.  We will also be learning skills to enable us to create a digital presentation.



This term we will be learning the basics of how to play a violin.  Violin will be taught by Mrs Brown.



We will be exploring and creating our own Egyptian artwork based on the paintings of Gods and Pharaohs from the Ancient Egyptian period.


Linked to our learning in Science about forces, we will be designed and creating a shaduf.  We will also learn how to evaluate and critique our designs by reviewing the success against a range of success criteria.




During this half term, the children will be learning safe places and safe people, including online.  We will learn about the steps to take to ensure our own safety and how to deal with issues that concern us.



 In year 5, children still need to read lots! All children are expected to read at home most nights for 15 - 20 minutes either to themselves or with an adult. This could be their school Accelerated Reader book, listening to a story read by someone else or sharing a favourite book. All are equally valuable. Talking about what they have read is also vital to help develop comprehension skills. This is particularly beneficial to the children when completing their Accelerated Reader quizzes.  All children have a reading record book in which parents, carers or the children themselves can record what they have read or make any comments.

All children have a homework book.  Homework will be set each Friday to be handed in the following Friday.  This will consist of maths linked to their learning in school that week as well as a list of spelling words.  Children are expected to learn their spellings as well as the meaning of each word if it is previously unknown.  Occasionally, there may be one other piece of topic-based homework.  Children can have help with their maths homework in class on Tuesday lunchtimes. 

In addition, children all have access to Times Tables Rockstars, and Spelling Shed - online sites for practising their times tables and spellings.